Winter Farmers Market

Go to the Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market! Each and every one of you, I implore you. You will be so glad you did. The Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market is a bastion of hope in the frigid, icy, desolate winters of Wisconsin. Okay, I exaggerate; winter has been quite mild thus far, but go anyways.

Winter Farmers Market Details
  • Saturdays 8am-12:00pm (through April 14)
  • Tommy Thompson Youth Center, State Fair Park
  • Free Parking

What I bought

What are pullets?

Great question! I had to ask, too! Before a chicken becomes a woman chicken, she is a young lady chicken and young lady chickens lay smaller eggs than women chickens. These smaller eggs are called pullets. Same great taste, just smaller. Amazing, huh?

Pullets from Lakeview Buffalo Farm

Some other products at the market…

  • Vegetables: Potatoes, carrots, beets, cauliflower, lettuce, radishes, microgreens, leeks, onions, turnips and more!
  • Fresh brewed coffee
  • Baked goods
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Mushrooms

Market Tips

As with most farmers markets, I suggest you go early. Beat the crowds, get the first pick of the freshest produce and have plenty of time left in the day to cook up all that delicious local food. Shop around. Don’t buy the first thing you see. At farmers markets I like to walk around the whole market before I buy anything then make a second round and make my purchases. If you’re like me, you’ll run out of money pretty quick if you do otherwise. Go often. The same vendors are not there every week. Some only go once a month. Some go every other week. Also product selection changes. Talk to vendors. They know their stuff. They’ll have recipe suggestions. They can tell you how their product is grown, raised or produced. They are also really interesting and kind people.


Winter Farmers Market

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