September 20 Week Fifteen

  • jelly melon cut openTomato
  • Eggplant
  • Squash
  • Sweet peppers
  • Swiss chard
  • Broccoli
  • Potatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Golden beets

We had frost Tuesday night. Some of the more delicate veggies did survive. I only lost a few peppers. Many of the tomatoes are done for, but the eggplant was fine. The frost killed all the leaves in the Barthel pumpkin fields, making the leaves curl up and turn black. This exposed all those bright orange globes of autumn which practically glow at dusk. It looks like the pumpkins multiplied overnight. Frost means we must really be getting into fall. The equinox is Saturday. It’s hard to believe that summer is over. Time to say goodbye to warm nights, swimming in the pond and keeping all the windows open at night. Breathing that fresh, crisp fall air is kind of refreshing though. The start of fall also means we can leave behind those 90 plus degree days and welcome some nourishing rainfall.

This week’s photo is of the inside of a jelly melon, my personal fun summer project. After harvesting the first fully orange melon Tuesday afternoon, I cut it open with my parents as curious spectators. The jelly melon, or African horned cucumber is an awesome looking fruit with vicious little spikes and let me tell you, it tastes just terrible. The green jelly stuff does taste like cucumber, but there are so many seeds to weed through, that eating the whole thing is hardly even worth it.  I am only mildly disappointed. I got a lot of joy out of growing that alien fruit.

So… last week for eggplant. Make some eggplant fries or eggplant Parmesan or ratatouille or check out these eggplant recipes. (You’ll wish there was more eggplant coming!)

The nights look a little warmer for the week coming up. We’re in the midst of apple and pear harvest. It’s also pecan season. You didn’t know that did you? I don’t grow pecans though. Sorry, not a Wisconsin crop. Look for cabbage in your box soon. Mmm, sauerkraut. Enjoy the changing of the season!

September 20 Week Fifteen

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