Leaving in Two Weeks, Two Days

I’ll be leaving in two weeks, two days boarding the train to Georgia. I start hiking on the 14th. Sometimes it seems that time is moving so fast (what? It’s Friday already!?) and other times it inches like a half dead caterpillar. I am so freaking excited.

Life here in Wisconsin is not normal of late. I imagined it would be like the rest of winter, prune, prune, prune, get ready to leave, but instead my friends and family are all over the place. I’m working three days a week for my parents while they are in South America. (Office work has never appealed to me. Bleh. I am happy they are on vacation though.) They get back four days before I leave. I’m glad that they are off having a blast and not here to listen to me talk about the trail. I don’t think they like to hear about it.

My best friend since kindergarten just moved 800 miles away. I’m so incredibly happy for her. She’s living out her dreams! My train to Georgia stops in DC on the way and I will get to see her, which is just about as exciting as hiking the Appalachian Trail. Then I’ll get to see her again in a few months when I’m walking through Virginia. Good motivation.

Also, half of my farm family is in Boston right now at an apple conference. They come back nine days before I leave.

I’ve got a couple more friends to see before I go, gotta get a PO Box, cancel the Netflix and unplug all my appliances.

Packed my backpack full today with five and a half days of food and two liters of water. I’m at 30 pounds. Food is heavy! Hey, but it all fit, so that’s good. Still worried I’m bringing too much clothing. Threw in a fleece and windshirt. (I’ll add that to the official gear list soon.) I just don’t want to be cold! I can always send stuff home, so I’m trying not to think about it too much. I just wanna get out there!! 🙂

Leaving in Two Weeks, Two Days

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