Day One Stover Creek 3/14

Amicalola start
Wow. What an awesome day. Carolyn at the hiker hostel made a great breakfast. I had grits, yogurt, scrambled eggs and oatmeal. A truck broke down so Shawn, a local, I think, drove four of us Mike, Pete, Tate and I to the approach trail at Amicalola State Park. Hiked 11.6 miles to this here shelter. 8.8 on the approach trail and 2.8 on the AT. Leapfrogged with the guys I was dropped off with and a few others I met last night: Lindsey Miles, Tom. Met a few others today Cindy, Carolyn, Sandy (better known as “white shoes”), Rob, Josh, Mary Lou and Steve. Good people. Great hiking weather today. Should get a little cold tonight but at least I’m not camped out on the top of Springer.

The approach trail didn’t live up to the horror stories. Over 600 steps, but I counted and I think they were off by two. Plenty of steep ups but they didn’t go on forever. Had tuna in oil with sunflower seeds for dinner along with some grits and trail mix. Took breaks every couple hours today to eat venison jerky (thanks Bob!) and cheese. Gave Mike two safety pins in exchange for two pieces of his homemade jerky. I wonder if it was alligator. He is from Florida.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Service isn’t common here. I get bars but can’t make calls. My texts are working I think when I do get service, so be patient.

Day One Stover Creek 3/14

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