At a campsite north of low gap. St pattys day. So much fun today. 12 miles. Sore ankle but I paced myself and tapped it with duct tape. Duct tape is incredible. Met sourdough and his dog action jack. Paid and photographed George for the cabin at Neel’s. nice trail today. Climbed wild cat mountain. Got trail magic hotdogs and chips and orange and apple. Gala. Oh and one oreo. And two bottles of water. I tried a boiled peanut for the first time. I’m coming down with a cold. Made a campfire by the stream tonight. Lots of laughter. Its too bad I won’t remember every second of this trip. So much happens each day. Every day seems so long. In a really good way. Like I’m making the most of every minute.

Tomorrow is a short day to blue mountain shelter. Trying to get into Hiawassee Wednesday night. The word on the trail is Its supposed to be cold. Rain tomorrow night.

I told Spider Kisser that i wanted a particular dead branch out of these trees so i could add it to the fire. He tried for a long time to pull it out of the trees, jumping and poking at it with another stick. We were laughing like crazy. Then Doc went up to the trees and just bent them down and the stick fell out. Hilarious. Sometime this evening I choked on my water laughing so hard. I didn’t want to spit out my precious purified stream water.


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