Staying in Hiawassee GA tonight. The hostel is full, the motels are full. Were splitting a hotel room. Went to the all you can eat across the street. Ate a lot of veggies. Resupplied at the ingles in town. Got some beer too. Now sitting here watching TV and icing our joints. Hitched foyer the first time today. Very nice lady with two dogs.

One of them was named freckles and he licked a lot. They both shed a lot. it was fun. I was stuffed inn the front seat with a dog, my pack and my trekking poles. Good times.
Met "piddling around" today. He’sfrom Alabama, going to Fontana dam.

last night we went around nine miles and camped at a campsite. It was cold.

Two nights ago white shoes called 911 at blotter mountain shelter. She was hypothermic. A had to convince her to call. It was a lot of drama. She was completely unprepared to be on the trail. Jeans, Jean shorts, no shelter, no sleeping mat, I could go on and on. Hopefully she doesn’t get back on the trail. Search and rescue picked her up.

Today was kinda rough what with my knee being sore and being sick but it was a beautiful day and I’m having a lot of fun. Snow in the forecast the next couple days.


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