Got a ride with John back to the trail after breakfast at the hotel. Five of us in the back of his little Chevy pickup 11 chilly miles back to the trail. Started hiking strong but withered out after a few miles. The lung congestion was making me huff and puff on the uphills. Had to slow down. Only did about nine miles. Stayed at Bly Gap campground. Tom, Pete and Mike moved on two miles to the shelter, but Josh and I couldn’t move anymore. Got into North Carolina! Took a picture of my sick self by the border sign. Rained a little in the night but it wasn’t the snow and storms people kept talking about.

I’ve learned not to trust the weather report out here. It is just too dependent on what side of the mountain you’re on and what elevation you’re at and how the wind is blowing.

Ran into Lindsey and miles at the border. Good to see them again. I thought they were long gone pulling like twenty mile days.


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