Broke camp in a light rain. It pretty much stopped by the time josh and I started hiking. Big climb to start out the morning, then nice hiking the rest of the day. Did 12.1 miles to Beech gap campsite. Some really pretty landscape today. Foggy and lots of different colored mosses on rocks and trees. Still haven’t caught up with the other guys.

Met Matt from Florida today. I’m disappointed with the trail registers so far. Ratty scraps of sorry notebooks with no space to write. So, gotta get the trail news on the trail. That’s not so bad, just would like registers. feeling better. Late day climbs were easier than those in the beginning of the day. Still coughing though. On to a newly built shelter tomorrow if it is in fact completed. Scheduled to be done this year but I don’t know when.

I’m so happy to be out here. Getting settled into a good routine now and am stopping more often to snack.


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