Rain today and last night. I stayed dried. I met super mom and her three kids mumfasa, duckbill, purple snowflake. The oldest is twelve. The boys (10 and 12) decided my trail name should be terra nova. They thought my name was terra. Terra nova is a show about dinosaurs. I met their dog Charlie too: mountain mutt.

Climbed Mt Albert today and hit100 miles while scrambling over rocks. That’s the steepest section I’ve done yet. Gonna head into Franklin tomorrow. Did 12 miles today. Just overt seven to get into town tomorrow. I’m really tired right now. I met great legs today too. I climbed the firetower on top of Albert even though all I could sewer was fog. The trail was a stream in some parts.

I’m at long branch shelter. It’s brand new. Smells like cedar. This phone charger kinda sucks. Maybe cuz it’s cold. I think I’ll just buy some extra batteries.

Looking to get a wool tshirt in Franklin. It’ll stink less than this polyester shirt.


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