Woke up to snow this morning! Less than an inch off fluffy stuff in most places. I rushed to get out of the shelter so I could be the first to walk in the snow. Great Legs made it out before me though. Spider kisser was right behind me. I moved fast to warm up. Shoes were kinda frozen, forest looked beautiful.

I passed great legs maybe a mile in, and blazed trail for a while. It was strange not having footprints to follow. I actually had to look up to see the blazes. Kept pushing to stay warm. Kept my trekking Poles under my arm so I could keep my hands in my pocket. I lent my gloves to spider kisser cuz his were wet. I lent him my pair of dry socks the night before too cuz both his pair were wet.

Did the seven miles to winding stair gap in three hours. Caught a hitch to Franklin. Lady with seven kids. Six were in the van. Fit another five hikers in there. She talked some about Jesus. Nice lady. Nice kids.
Did laundry, resupplied and showered in Franklin. Staying at Havens budget inn. Reunited with doc, pumpkin king and ice man. Gave them all big hugs. Sharing a room here. Went to Mulligans for lunch with spider kisser and dinner with the other guys and great legs, rocket, avocado, valkyrie, Dr sandman and others. It was karaoke night. A few thru hikers sang and some kids. One little kid maybe six years old sang smooth criminal by Michael Jackson. He had all the moves! It was amazing. Never seen anything like that.

Did a lot off stuff today. Busy, busy. Back on the trail tomorrow. Gotta research cell phone batteries now. That might be smarter than my charger.
Met Anthony the waiter at Mulligans. Ran into piddling around. Sounds like bones is in town. Walking around town it’s easy to spot the hikers and we all say hi to each other. Dr sandman sang 500 miles by the proclaimers at karaoke. Lots of fun out here.

Thinking about home a lot. Life is happening back home and it’s weird not to be there. I’m praying for my family and friends everyday especially my older brother who’s moving far away to the virgin islands and for my friend Jean in the hospital. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for all the comments. Just gotta remember to give each day every thing you’ve got and never neglect to tell people how much they mean to you. What more can we do? Happy trails ahead.


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