Got on the trail around 8am. Put in over ten miles, got to Wesser Bald shelter early afternoon. Trail was snowy and icy. No spills but a few nice slides. Felt good today. Feels like the terrain has mellowed out since Georgia. A few climbs today. The one up to the Wesser bald lookout tower was tough but fun. Met Bearfoot at the tower. Really nice guy. He’s helping AWOL with a digital companion. He’s also the treasurer of the ALDHA. he’s staying here with us at the shelter tonight. Josh posed for a funny picture today of him on his belly sliding down the trail like a penguin.

I fetched about 10 liters of water for everyone once I got to camp. I got eight mini milky ways for that task. Then I rescued the fire Doc tried to start and now it’s going strong. The guys were calling me camp wife. I think my trail name is Sunshine now. I booked seven beds at the hostel at Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) for tomorrow night. Just six miles tomorrow morning and we’re there!

At Telico Gap the sun was really warm and I laid on the grass for a while. It was in the fifties today. I ate my last tuna packet tonight and had a hot strawberry Jello drink and Sommer peanut buyer and sunflower seeds. I had cold oatmeal this morning. I ate a lot of grits last week but now I’m experimenting with a no cook diet. I eat cheese and sausages and a few bars, trail mix and dark chocolate. Oh and Fritos. I crunch them up so they fit nicely in my pack and then eat them with a spork. I have to remind myself 3/28 To eat during the day. I got these electrolyte tabs called Nuun. I have two of those a day. I think I’ll get more drink mixes while in NOC.


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