hiked up six miles out of NOC. fog had burned off by the summit and I got a majestic blue view of the mountains. It’s hard to believe while looking at those peaks that I’ve actually climbed them, that I’m standing on one right now. It looks more like a picture and I don’t associate that I’m actually part of it.

Hiked alone most of the day. Had a nice chat with Push Up at the sassafras gap shelter. Spiritual will win out over logical.
Hiked with Mike after the shelter. Camping with him and spider kisser, journey, Beerdra, bones. Great legs and Evenbeard moved on. It’s been nice getting to know them.
I feel like I stopped too early today. 11.5 miles. Here by 3:30. I’ll push on further tomorrow. Only 17 miles to Fontana.
Supposed to rain tonight. It was nice to hike by myself for so long today.
Happy to be back sleeping in my hammock. SK picked up a hammock in NOC. Tonight is hiss first night in it.


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