14.8 miles. Hiked with mouse and Teflon some. Met Slow But Sure and Because of Her. Here at Russell field shelter with Push Up, Goose, Blackhawk Bob, Hand Stand, Reefer and others. Nice spacious shelters here. Fontana dam is huge! Walked across it. Smokies starts right after the dam. Saw more squirrels today than I did in all of Georgia. More birds too. I spooked a turkey the other day. Pumpkin King wrote in this shelters register yesterday. Maybe I will catch up with him and ice man. I left spider kisser and doc and Evenbeard back in Fontana. They took zeros. I didn’t feel like sitting around for a day doing nothing. I’ll zero in Hot Springs. I’m a little ahead of schedule right now. I’m liking the big mile days though. Big climb up to Mollies ridge today. Beautiful weather. Hiked in a tshirt most of the day. mid forties now around 730. My bed time is 8. Gotta eat this piece of chocolate I forgot was in my pack. Already hung my bear bag and brushed my teeth. Sorry Mom. I’ll brush real good in the morning.


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