Hiked 16.4. Trying to get to hot springs Sunday to meet up with pumpkin king and ice man. Ate lunch with three deer at Derrick knob shelter. Got within ten feet of me. Picture on Facebook. Staying at double spring shelter tonight. Wish there was tenting, but thru hikers have to stay in shelters unless we wanna get way off the trail. I sleep better in my hammock. Fun day today. Met DB Cooper and slim and postman. shelter here is full. I’ll have to stop at standing bear hostel after Davenport gap to resupply to get into hot springs. Saw purple mushrooms today. I Did not eat them. Oh I’m in Tennessee now. Or north Carolina. I’ll be straddling the border for a while. At this shelter I have the choice of getting north Carolina or Tennessee water.
I sang the “this little light of mine” song on the trail today. I hiked fast in the morning and slowed down some for the afternoon. Tomorrow I have a 13.8 mile day planned. I’ll have to take long breaks so I don’t get to camp too early and get bored. The shelter spacings are weird here. I can do 13.8 tomorrow or 21. Bed time! 7:08


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