This morning sucked. Bad. My worst time on the trail. The ice was downright treacherous. Slabs of thick ice for miles. Most of the time I wasn’t even on the trail in a feeble effort to save life, but other hikers had the same thought so sometimes the sides of the trail were as bad as the trail. I had to focus on every single step, every shift of my weight. My goal wasn’t the next shelter or water source. It was the next safe step, the next exposed rock, the next dry log, the next exposed piece of ground. It was a rattling, dangerous experience.
Then I got trail magic at newfound gap. Beth and Bernie. Those angels! They fed me an awesome Sandwich on a crossiant, chips, a blueberry muffin, a donut, a pb filled chocolate easter egg, potato salad and two apples! Then they sent me away with suckers, coffee, jalapenos, mio drink mix and more. Thanks guys! You made my day so much better!
I hiked 13.8 miles today, sometimes only covering one mile an hour. I climbed to the highest point on the AT and I passed the 200 mile mark. I also came to and photographed the same sign my buddy had taken a picture of on his recent trip to the smokies. That was a big morale boost. So was taking a wet wipe bath once I got here to Icewater Spring shelter. Here for the night. Curious what tomorrow will bring. Glad I’m done with Clingman’s Dome. Strange how a really sucky day can end so well. Oh, last night I had to duct tape the shelter ceiling cuz snow was creeping in. No accumulation. Today was sunny.


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