22.1 miles. Got out of the smokies today. Turkey was gobbling at me as I left the northern boundary. resupplied at standing bear farm, met up with hand stand and push up. Hiked with them today. Camping at lemon gap with them and miles and flash and Minnesota Pete. Biggest day yet. Heavy climbs in the morning. Climbed up to max patch bald. Got trail magic at the top, beer, apple, banana, clementines, candy. Roger and rose. Great people.Beautiful day. Sunny. Nice terrain in the afternoon. Met a local originally from Grafton. He gave me some water. Last night hung out by the fire with two north Carolina guys one is gonna hike sobo next year. Chain fence on that shelter. Going into hot springs tomorrow. Excited for a shower, laundry, mail and beer. Feet hurt and I swear I felt my muscles growing today. Nice to be out of the smokies and in my hammock tonight, no shelter only rules anymore! Not as green out here as in the smokies. Smokies smelled really good. So happy to be alive and to be out here. Yay!


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