It’s only 1:30pm, but I’ll put a post in for today now since I’m sitting at an actual computer. My posts aren’t very interesting. I don’t know why people read them. As I reread them they don’t seem very exciting, but each day out here is so full of action.

Today I’m disoriented. No white blazes to follow, just chores to do. I went to breakfast at the diner with Ice Man, Spider Kisser and Pumpkin Head. Got a skillet, couldn’t finish it all. It’s in the fridge at the hostel though. I’ll eat it later. I got presents in the mail! Tons of chocolate and bars from my Mom, along with homemade cookies! I shared the cookies and chocolate. Everyone loved your cookies, Mom! Big hit. I also got protein powder and whiskey (thanks, Pat) and extra batteries for my phone and I got letters and dried hummus and wasabi peas and more chocolate. Thanks, Jacob! What fun! So I went back to the hostel and spread out all my stuff and organized. That took most of the morning. I’m not going to resupply here because I got so much food in the mail. My food bag is filled with chocolate and bars and one spam packet, a block of cheese and more chocolate. Not real healthy, but I won’t die. I also think I’ll be able to trade chocolate for tuna packets and real food on the trail.

I went to the outfitter again today and got gifts for my godchild. Her birthday is coming up. I wandered around in there for a while. It’s a fun outfitter. They also have food and toys! This afternoon I am going to read the letter I got from my friend and write a few of my own, then send out the gifts and send some stuff back home. Then I’ll relax! There’s a soccer game on at 3pm. Might go watch that.

My legs and feet feel pretty good today. My next town stop is Erwin, Tennessee. Last night I slept pretty good except Spider Kisser kept tossing and turning in the bunk above me and I was joking with Mark about it and he moved me to a different room even though he didn’t have to. He’s such a nice guy. I gave him some chocolate too. Hung out with Foxtrot and Waffles for a while. They’re hiking out today. Foxtrot has an ankle issue so he said he’s gonna slow it down and I’ll probably catch up.

The place I’m at now is awesome. It’s just like a hang out for hikers. There are fresh baked cookies and coffee and soda and fruit. I’m out on the porch. It’s in the seventies and a nice breeze is blowing. I’m looking out over the river. Queen Diva owns this place.

I think my phone charger cord is shot. Before it was just finicky, now it doesn’t work at all, but I have the new batteries, so I might just ditch the cord completely. Only bummer about the batteries is that I have to take the case off my phone whenever I want to put in a new one. Ah, what else do I have to do out here? It feels good to finally have a zero day. I love it. There are hikers everywhere. I run into them where ever I go. It’s fun.

I’m having such a good time out here. I love hiking. I love hanging out with all these crazy people. I love being outside everyday. I love that the weather is warm. Oh, Rokk got off the trail. He was the one with the political statement. He wanted to get to Katahdin by July 4. Other trail news- Bearfoot is getting a cortisone shot in his knee today. I hope that helps him. Ran into Humen just a little while ago. I had thought he was ahead of me, but he just came into town today. I’ll hike out tomorrow. Haven’t looked at the map yet, not sure where I’ll be staying the night. It’ll be great to hike with Ice Man and Pumpkin Head again. I missed those guys. 🙂 More posts in a few days when I get to Erwin!


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