4/11 15.5ish today. Some good strenuous climbs. Big bald was awesome. Laid there for a while enjoying the views and the weather. No rain while hiking today. Some rain now as I lay in my hammock. Got trail magic from Paul at Sam’s gap about five miles into the day. Scrambled eggs connections and oranges. Got beer trail magic too. Drank the last pbr there and carried a crema ale to have with dinner. Returned the dog at that gap too. At one point he ran off and we thought we lost the lost dog, but he had started hiking with forge and hiccup who we met at a water source and refound the dog. Pumpkin head fashioned a leash then. We tied him up last night so he wouldn’t run away but then I didn’t sleep so well cuz I kept hearing the dog rustling around. Turns out he’s only two. While packing up this morning we untied jinn and he kept steelmaking our gear and running off into the woods with it. He broke Gaurd’s platypus cap. Altogether though it was fun to have the dog for a little while. There’s an AT plague going around, like a twelve hour flu. We keep hearing about it from hikers and reading about it in the shelter journals, so I’ve been avoiding camping at shelters. Tonight I’m camped at a gap with pumpkin head, forge, hiccup and sobo (southbound) section hiker named turtle. We had a fire, then turned in around 830 when the rain started. Hopefully it’ll bring some cooler weather. Tomorrow I’ll be in Erwin TN. Dried hummus is the best trail food. Thank you Jacob. You are awesome.


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