Did I mention the controlled burn the other day? It held up a decent number of hikers but I got through in the nick of time. I was going to leave Erwin last night, then I was going to leave this morning and I eventually made it out a little after six. Hehe. Was having too much fun I guess. Had some phone calls to make and figured out how to fit more pictures on my phone. Met grim and beacon and sugar bombs. Sleeping with real sheets was wonderful. There was a bbq at the hostel tonight. Delicious! Ran into Humen and goose. Still hiked five miles to this first shelter with pumpkin head before dark. I feel refreshed. Should have some nice weather for the next week or so. Oh, met jay too. He works at the hostel, started a thru hike last year and never left Erwin. I found a snail in my shoe yesterday morning. Did I mention that? I was talking with pumpkin head about hot springs and it seems like so long ago, but it was less than a week ago. Kinda disappointed I didn’t catch the all you can eat (ayce) KFC, but I had some flautas at a Mexican restaurant. Nice people at that hostel. I had fun sharing a cabin with hand stand, Fred bear and MN Pete. We watched a couple movies and I talked farming with Fred bear (he just planted five acres of blueberries) and fishing and the Midwest with MN Pete. They’re a fun group. Hope they catch up. Almost ten! Past bed time.


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