22 miles today. Hiked with pumpkin head. He completed his first twenty miler today! Left camp late around 10am. I couldn’t get to sleep last night. Had lunch at beauty spot, nice views, saw another controlled burn from there. Nice weather today, cooler. Felt great hiking, ran into several people slack packing sobo. (slack packing is when you don’t carry much cuz you plan to hike back to a hostel and not stay in the woods overnight). Saw great legs. He wasn’t feeling too well. Met toast and rusty today at the Clyde shelter where I’m staying tonight. Feels like it might rain. First time in a shelter since the smokies. Climbed unaka mountain today. gorgeous spruce forest up there, smelled so nice. I’m going through my food pretty fast, might have to stop for a resupply before I had planned to. Really great day today. Ran into rabbit and raider a couple times. Ex marine and 19 year old hiking together, at least for now. They’re good people. Hiking the AT hasn’t been as hard as I imagined and I’m having way more fun than I anticipated. past nine now, gonna hit the sack. Only got a14.7 mile planned for tomorrow cuz I want to stay at Overmountain shelter tomorrow night. Its an old barn! Probably sleep in tomorrow and enjoy some nice long breaks and hang out for a while on top of roan mountain. What a happy day!


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