Sleeping in a barn tonight: overmountain shelter. Old barn converted to a shelter. Pretty fog out tonight. Climbed roan mountain today. Last 6000 footer until new Hampshire. Nice spruce forest up there too. Did 14.7 today got to camp by 6, took lots of breaks, realized I didn’t have enough food to get to Hampton, but then steps gave me a jar of peanut butter, so I’m good to go. Kinda windy right now. I set up my hammock in the shelter and gave some hikers a hammock tutorial. They’re all jealous. Pumpkin head and I swapped packs for half a mile yesterday. That was fun. He’s looking to get a different pack. He’s got an osprey and it cuts into his hips and needs to be adjusted frequently. I’ve been very happy with my ULA Circuit. No complaints at all. Gonna try to make it to Hampton in two days. Saw a deer today or was that yesterday? Trail is fairly flat the next couple days. Beautiful views today with lots of fog and rolling clouds. There used to be a hotel on top of roan mountain and it was 30 dollars to stay a month and it was built on the TN NC stateline so there was a line on the floor in the bar designating where you could and couldn’t drink. Drinking in TN, no drinking in NC.


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