Rained, thundered and lightninged last night. Wish I could sleep through that better. stopped raining for a bit in the morning but then it started back up again. It was warm though so I did without rain gear. Took a break nine miles in and the temp started to drop so donned the rain coat and headed out only to strip it off after a couple miles. Lots of black and orange caterpillars on the trail today. I hiked with pumpkin head. Decided to come to the kincora hostel. 5 dollar donation appreciated. Bob peoples is a very nice man who knows a lot about history and runs a nice hostel. He talked about the Camino Santiago trail on our way to town to go to the grocery store and McD’s. Too many cats here though. I’ve been eating a lot more these past few days but I’m buying the same amount of food. This is not a good thing, so I bought a lot more food this time. Sharing a room with great legs, foxtrot, lentil and pumpkin head. Good crew. Want to get to Damascus before post office closes at 11am on Saturday. Gonna have to put in some big miles. Its fifty miles from here. Today was kinda hard. Didn’t stop for breaks cuz it was raining. I just think I didn’t eat enough. I’m gonna try hard to change that though. Had two cans of minestrone, one tub of cottage cheese, one pint of ice cream and a root beer for dinner. Tomorrows breakfast is four packets of oatmeal, one box of raisins, one builder bar, and grapefruit juice. Then I’ll have a Cliff bar and Snickers around ten. Ah, the hiker hiker life. I thought about a Solly’s burger for a good long while today. I think and talk about food a lot. A lot. Felt good to take a shower, do laundry and drink a hot cup of coffee. It was a last minute decision but I’m glad I stopped here. Bob peoples said only 12 people live up here in the hills of Hampton year round. He said "if it snows up above and rains down below, the plow comes in a day, but if it snows down below and snows up above then the plow doesn’t show up for five days." The roads are very steep and winding up here. He also said there is a rite of passage. When it snows, kids take a sled down these roads. Very dangerous. Some places there aren’t even guard rails. I asked bob if he had done it and he said "no, my bones don’t mend that well anymore." He’s retired military with a Boston accent and has run this hostel for seventeen years. He’ll hit his 20,000th hiker this month. His daughter owns a sugar shack in Middlebury, Vermont and his son lives in Colorado. His wife passed. I’d highly recommend staying here and talking with bob, just avoid the cats.


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