Hiked out of the kincora hostel this morning. 24.3 miles, buuut if you count the .3 from the hostel and the detour around flooded Wautauga Lake, then its probably a 25. 😉 Met Hawkeye, Chinmusic and Moseying today. Saw four snakes including a black racer, which Carpenter picked up, and I also saw a rattlesnake. That’s the first rattlesnake I’ve ever seen. The snake that scared me the most was the littlest one which wasn’t even poisonous. I nearly stepped on it and then jumped three feet when I heard it move. Over the 20% mark now. Made a new mileage record. Staying at iron mountain shelter 26 miles out of Damascus with Glover, Atlas, Shaggy and Carpenter. Gonna rain tonight and all day tomorrow apparently. Beautiful day today with beautiful views. Two big climbs and then some really nice ridge walking. Saw Laurel Falls this morning and walked right next to the river for quite a while. Great day. I don’t know where my other hiking partners went. When I left some were headed into town and one was still sleeping. I left at 8am and quit hiking before 8pm. Hope to do twenty tomorrow. There’s a challenge called the damascathon where you do all 26 miles into Damascus in one day. Don’t think I’m up for that tomorrow. Talked to my mom for a long time on the phone today that was nice. It also made the first climb easier.


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