Woke up around 2am to pee and decided to stay up and hike. On the trail by 3. Night hiked into Damascus just in time to get breakfast at the dairy king which opened at seven. 10 miles. Then hung out at Mt. Rogers outfitters waiting to get a room at Daves place. Took a shower. Hung out, talked to hikers, went to post office, got lots of awesome stuff, including food, letters, next section of guide book, went to grocery store, washed some clothes in the sink, went to the blue blaze cafe, drank beers, hung out with hikers, took another shower, hung out with hikers, went back to the cafe, played pool, put money in the juke box, left at midnight. Oh, best pay of the day was getting my hair cut by Eula at the beauty parlor, where I chatted with old women getting perms and we talked about moonshine and hiking and cheese and some lady came in with fresh baked cookies. Don’t know if I’ll zero tomorrow or not.


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