Did something like 16 or 17 out of Damascus. Couple big climbs. Left Damascus around noon. Got coffee first and talked with some hikers on my way out. Hiked alone mostly, some with MN Pete, caught him as he was coming off a break at Saunders shelter. Hiked to the next shelter and had some dinner. It was pretty full there, lots of people, mostly tenting. I moved on and made camp with carpenter next to a stream and a pine forest. He had hiked the Virginia creeper trail for a good party of the day to get there, which eliminated those climbs I did. Apparently the VA Creeper is a really pretty trail and it ruins next to the river. Its also for bikers. I don’t really like staying at shelters when there are a lot of people around, especially ones I don’t know too well. People can be overwhelming. Had a nice fire at the campsite and I slept til I wanted to wake up, not when I heard people rustling around like I would at a shelter. Really nice sunny day.


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