Hiked another 16 some miles today. Big climb to start the morning. 5000+ feet peak. Nice grass up on the top to lay out on and snack. Hiked with carpenter and MN Pete throughout the day. I don’t know where all those other kids are that I was with in Damascus, either a day behind or taking another zero. Walked through Grayson highlands state park and saw the wild ponies. Saw some escaped ponies before the park. One mangy one at a shelter that wanted everyone’s food. It even started licking one hikers legs. That was pretty funny, although the hiker didn’t think so. That shelter had a loft with windows which was cool. Stopped at a big rock formation, climbed up and enjoyed the view for a long time. The park was beautiful. At one point the trail goes through a small cave area called fat mans squeeze. Planned to stop at Wise shelter but MN Pete had presented of a good tenting area, so the three of us walled a little further to get there. There is no tenting in the park and once I learned that the ponies will bother you and your stuff at shelters, I was happy to leave the park. Had another nice fire and just a really fun day. Took a lot of breaks to enjoy the views and company. Sunny again. Nights are still kinda chilly. The lighter my food bag gets three more I enjoy hiking.


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