Woke up at our nice little campsite to no rain. The temps rose pretty quick and we started out the day by getting a bit turned around, but that was okay. Got to where we were going eventually. Saw a dead baby pony that had just been born. At old orchard shelter we ran into shaggy and in the middle of the day right before a 1000 foot climb we soaked our feet in ice cold water and I caught water bugs. It started to rain around 4:30 and I met carpenter and MN Pete at a road where we slowly came to the excellent decision of going into Troutdale for some food. Restaurant was closed. Fail. We walked to the hostel at the baptist church though and ran into chin music and b rocket who told us about fox creek restaurant about four miles down the road. By the time I learned all this it was getting close to six and the place closed at seven so Carpenter and I went to try to hitch a ride so we could have hot pizza for dinner. No such luck. We walked the entire way. Nice scenery, decent hills, no ride. Plenty of vehicles drove by though. We got lucky enough to get some cell service and called in an order for four pizzas. The restaurant was closed but the lady said she’d fire up the oven. We got there at three minutes to seven, got pizzas, cold beer(!) AND a ride back to the hostel. Incredible. Delicious. Worth it.


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