Left the hostel this morning around 930, just as chin music and b rocket were getting up. Couldn’t hitch a ride so walked 2.6 miles back to the trail. Then saw those two a couple miles into the trail. They got a ride with the first cat that passed them. What am I doing wrong! Walked another 14 or so I think to get to partnership shelter. Beautiful weather today. Hiked fast. 4.5 miles in just over an hour. The whole day wasn’t quite that fast. Lots of areas of flat trail today and more downhill than up. Got trail magic from Glenn (founder of Gossamer Gear) and friends. Veggies, fruit and fancy delicious canned beverages. You can have pizza delivered to this shelter. Sausage and mushroom for me. Hiked with carpenter and MN Pete. MN Pete is gonna zero tomorrow I think. His leg is giving him trouble. I’ll miss him. I like hiking with him.He’s super funny. I bet I’ll see him again soon though. Sat and watched the full moon rise tonight. Too bad I’m not on a bald. Watching the moon rise through trees isn’t a bad way to spend the evening though.


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