4/27 Slept great last night. No more swollen glands. Took some turmeric and Flintstones chewables. It started training around 4am, but quit before I broke camp. Hiked 16 some miles today. Took long breaks, just enjoying life. Got to walk through some beautiful terrain including farmland. Wish I could upload pictures to my website on the trail easier, so you could all see. Ate a ton of food today to lighten my load. I’m not carrying that much food again. I’ll go through the minor inconvenience of stopping at town more often. Hiking isn’t nearly as much fun when my pack is heavy. Every footstep is heavy and I can’t jump from rock to rock or run down the trail or show off my trail dance moves. Tonight I’m camped out two miles south of the next shelter near a private pavilion with a privy. Had a nice long dinner under the pavilion while it was raining. Carpenter made me coffee! Tomorrow is 100% chance of rain. This morning I hiked five miles then stopped at the barn restaurant and had coffee and watched MN Pete, great legs and carpenter shovel copious amounts of food in their mouths. I soaked my feet in another freezing cold stream today. Yesterday (or two days ago?) MN Pete gave me a tip on tying my shoes and its working out great. He’s a genius. I’ve been very much enjoying hiking fast and taking long breaks. I’m having so much fun. Everyone should hike the AT.


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