4/30 Another awesome day on the AT. Hiked into bland, VA to get carpenters new shoes at the post office. Tuesday shoes day. After celebrating that hiker Christmas, went down to the diner attached to the Citgo and had salad, fries, coleslaw and catfish. Oh, and coffee. Then went to the dollar general, but not before meeting true brit who hooked us up with Lenny at the barber shop who let us charge our electronic gadgets on his outlets. Hitching into and out of bland was incredibly easy. We even got trail magic when we got dropped off: chocolate cupcakes, applesauce and a red delicious apple. Bland was such a nice town. Hiked 20 trail miles today, packed out a beer to celebrate 600 miles, now just chilling in my hammock after enjoying a campfire with Humen, crazy frog, beacon and Carpenter. Couldn’t have been a better day. Only if we would have found those two 10 month old German shepherds that woman we met on trail was looking for.


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