Reunited with MN Pete this morning! We hiked up to dismal falls and Pete and I jumped off the falls. Carpenter didn’t want to freeze to death so no jumping for him. It was really, really cold, but super fun. We hiked fifteen miles to Woods Hole Hostel which has chickens and grows their own veggies. We made it in time for dinner. The spinach was so flavorful. Makes me miss home. I slept on an actual mattress and it was nice not to have to unpack my entire bag. I played with the farm dog and dried dishes after dinner. We had ice cream cones for dessert. It was a really nice place to stay for a night. On trail we talk about time much differently. Its hard to know what day of the well it is. More often I hear people speak of time in the passage of miles. "100 miles ago…" Or "in 40 miles…" We’re behind the bubble right now which is nice in a way. We see less people. The trail isn’t crowded. Tomorrow I’ll be in Pearisburg, VA. I can’t believe I’m less than 400 miles from the 1000 mile mark! It seems so close!


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