Woke up late today to rain. In the middle of the night it was really windy and I thought semitrucks were circling camp. Took my time breaking camp. Hiking in the rain isn’t good motivation to get out of bed. I walked really slowly to avoid skipping on the rocks
on the top of the ridgeline. The wind wasn’t as bad as last night, but I was still pretty miserable. Again, rain gear does not keep you dry while hiking, just a little drier a little longer. Once I came down off the ridgeline I was happier. There were less rocks and less rain. Staying in a shelter tonight. Can’t remember last time I slept in a shelter. Shelters are an interesting social experiment. Little seed and Alex are here too and trucker. I’m glad to be in a dry place in dry clothes in a dry sleeping bag. Supposed to rain tomorrow too. Not looking forward to putting on cold wet clothes tomorrow morning, but oh well. Looking forward to mcafee knob later this week and running tights in Daleville and 70s without rain at the end of the week.


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