Out by seven this morning. Slept well, woke up to drizzle. Decided to stop for breakfast 5 miles in at laurel creek shelter. I hung out there for a while talking to lentil and Pfeiffer and trucker. I headed out after maybe an hour and a half. They asked me to stay, but I had to move on because I only have enough food to get to catawba. At the trail and shelter intersection I almost turned around though. A warm sleeping bag sounded so nice. My feet were blocks of ice the first couple miles. I forded two icy streams. I pushed the additional twelve plus miles to Niday shelter, stopping once for a snack. I spooked two deer within a half hour and climbed some wicked rock ledge which took enormous concentration. It was crazy. I should have taken a picture but I was too focused to remember to. Met Shadow tonight here at the shelter. He’s from MN and remembers me from Franklin, NC and karaoke night. That was what 200 miles in? I might hit 700 tomorrow. I’ve been hiking alone the past two days. I lost Carpenter. It’s sad. I had a much better day hiking in the rain today than I did yesterday. I played music for the first part of the day and learned to just embrace the rain. In the mid afternoon it stopped raining and got hot for a minute. It chilled back down quickly, but I hiked the last couple miles in a tshirt. It’s dry now. I’m looking forward to the Catawba grocery tomorrow. They also serve some hot food I think. Oh, but even more than that I’m looking forward to no rain! Hoping for seventies and sun. I could handle a fourth straight day of rain, but I’d rather not. Had two packages of mom made oatmeal  and some peanut butter for dinner. Could have eaten double that. Gonna be getting to town hungry tomorrow. That’s not good for my wallet, but it it’s good for my pack weight until I get there.


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