No rain! Got on the trail by 6:30. Started out with a climb up brush mountain. It was really pretty hiking today. Lots of varying scenery. I rationed my food well and made it safely over dragons tooth. That was so incredibly fun. I climbed and crawled down boulders and they were dry, so no slipping. Shortly after that I got to the catawba grocery which is basically a gas station. When I turned the corner onto VA 611 and saw the store I was so happy. I walked up with a huge grin on my face. Grim and whistle were standing outside. I ordered a cheeseburger. It was amazing. I almost cried. Whistle was laughing watching me eat. I got two egg rolls too. I hung out there for a long time at least two hours. I made four separate purchases, including a resupply to get me to daleville. While I was at the store Carpenter showed up. Reunited! We got some drinks to pack out for a 700 mile celebration. We didn’t actually hit 700 today though. We are camped just shy of 700, but we celebrated anyway. I found a lilac bush two days ago and have been carrying a flower until today. Reminds me of home. I left it on a bridge today for someone else to enjoy. Today was awesome.



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