Only did something like ten miles today. Slept in and didn’t leave camp until after 12. We hung up our wet stuff to dry and I ate a cheeseburger that I had bought at catawba grocery the night before. We walked a few miles to the homeplace restaurant which I wasn’t thrilled about doing but I’m so glad I did. All you can eat homestyle cooking. Roast beef, fried chicken, green beans, peas, baked beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw and cherry cobbler with ice cream. Incredible. Ate with two new hiker friends- blue eyes and two speed. After gorging ourselves, we hiked up to Mcaffee Knob one of the highlights of the AT. It started to rain and thunder and lightening on our way up. We stopped at a shelter 1.5 miles from the top and waited out the rain some. Once we moved on it started raining some more but stopped before we got to the top. I found two orange salamanders on my way up and put them in my empty water bottle. I had a photo shoot with them at the top and set them free. One walked off the edge of the mountain. Oops. Now I’m camped out at a shelter and it’s sprinkling some. I’m not sleepy and want to night hike but no one will go with me. I’d go alone but there is some cliff walking. Maybe not the best idea. I found a morel mushroom today! Carpenter and I were looking for ginseng when I came across it. I packed out some butter from the restaurant so I can fry it up. Yum yum. The past few days have been excellent hiking. Virginia is really pretty. Looking forward to tomorrow!





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