Good hiking today. Got to hike across Tinker cliffs. Too bad I couldn’t hike it with Tinker. As a dog I think she would have liked it. Saw two turtles on the trail today. One headed west bound across the trail and one headed northbound. I don’t think the nobo turtle will make it to Maine before Baxter state park closes. He was going pretty slow. Maybe he wasn’t a thru hiker though, could have been sectioning. Made it to town around 2:30 today, staying at the Howard Johnson tonight. I went to the outfitter and bought new shoes. I had 500 miles on the last pair and the sole was separating from the leather upper. They were Oboz. I didn’t really like them. I feel they should have lasted longer. They actually started falling apart the first few days I had them. Now I have Saloman trail runners, which are synthetic, not leather. I hope they also help prevent me from rolling my ankle so much. They have a wider heel base. We went to three Lil pigs for dinner and then bought beer cuz that’s what happens in town and tomorrow is Shadow’s birthday so we’re celebrating tonight. It’s great to have clean clothes and a shower.  With the warmer weather, I smell worse faster. It’s easy to spot day hikers on the trail- sometimes I smell them before I see them. They smell so clean! Got my new running tights in the mail. On Friday I talked to the lady at the post office and asked her to take the package to the Howard Johnson because I wasn’t gonna get to town before the post office closed, but when I got here there was no package. Sad! But while I was at the outfitter a lady came in and called out my name. It’s been so long since I’ve heard someone use my real name, so I was surprised and thought “oh, somebody has the same name as me!” Them I realized she was talking to me and she had my package! I was so happy! I’m trying out a new water purification system called Sweetwater. I don’t have to mix any chemicals and I don’t have to wait as long before I drink the water. The package says I need to use it in conjunction with the Sweetwater filter, but I was educated otherwise by the guys at the outfitter. We’ll see how it works.


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