Listening to old crow medicine show, hanging out by the fire at Fullhardt shelter just north of Daleville. Got out of town late today. Started at hotel until they kicked us out a little after 11, Got a salad at Wendy’s, resupplied at Kroger’s. Not in any hurry today. Beautiful day, no rain, sun was out. My right knee is giving me trouble and I just sent home my knee brace. I knew that would happen, but it’ll be okay. At the shelter with just Carpenter. First time I’ve had a shelter pretty much to myself. Good stuff. Did some foraging today. I love my new shoes so far. Good climb to get up here, but nice switchbacks. Passed through Troutville, crossed a couple roads. Don’t hear traffic anymore, but now that its dark it’s easy to see how close we are to civilization because of the city lights. Glad to be back in the woods. Hiker life isn’t always easy but it’s good. Kinda just like farming. Stars are out tonight. Gonna get below freezing.  Weird, but survivable. 80s later this week. Happy mothers day! My mom rocks!


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