Today is my two month anniversary of being on the trail. Got a late start but I got to talk to my parents this morning. And Carpenter worked on patching his air mattress. Did 16.2 miles. That 2000+ foot climb kicked my ass at the end of the day. Hardly noticed the earlier 1000 footer. Then climbed another almost 500 to camp near black rock lookout. We watched the sun set at the lookout. It was humbling. So beautiful, so many mountains. I feel so fortunate to be out here.

Earlier in the day Carpenter and I played in Jennings creek. It was very refreshing. Ice cold refreshing! Spent a good hour there.

Carpenter just interrupted my journal writing. He said he heard a noise and kept hearing it after yelling at it, so he wanted me to come look at it with my super bright head lamp. He thought it was a cat and threw some rocks at it, but it didn’t move. All we saw were eyes. It got closer and we realized it was a deer. Ah, fun stuff.

So, today we also stopped in at the nicest shelter yet on the AT. It was like a cabin. It had a porch and a loft.


Bryant Ridge shelter. Sleeps 20. Met AJ there, a section hiker. The section hikers we’ve been leapfrogging with the past two days were planning on staying there and two got there at the same time. Little seed and Speck rolled up a little later. Happy to be alive today although my legs felt like jelly by the end of the day and I was worried I’d tumble off black rock lookout. That didn’t happen though. All in all a fantastic anniversary.


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