Too God awful hot today. By 4:30 I had drank 6 liters of water. I came off a hill to a water source with no more water left. I had drank a liter in two miles after getting some trail magic from Mikes wife: a moon pie and a package of crackers. I had a headache by the time I got to the water where I downed three more liters. Then I got the chills, set up my hammock and rested for two hours before moving on another six miles to the shelter where I met up with Carpenter. All in all I think I drank 11 liters today. Maybe I’m allergic to the sun. I’m okay now. Did the last 6 miles of this 17.7 day in less than two hours. Now I’m in the shelter and the bugs are eating me. Might have to set up the hammock again, but they might leave me alone once I turn of this phone. They’re attracted to the light.


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