So, today was totally different from yesterday. Carpenter and I hiked a couple miles on easy terrain next to the James river and had breakfast on the longest footbridge on the AT: protein powder and peanut powder for me. I finished and was disgusted (that’s all the food I had) so we made the last minute decision to hitch into Glasgow. got food at the express grocery and dropped our stuff at a free shelter across the street so we could go to the restaurant right behind it. After being there a while we decided it would be a fantastic idea to nero here. Hail and t storms in the forecast tonight. Hey! Grim and whistle just showed up! Awesome! There’s a hot shower here and a porta potty. We’ve got a fire going now and just finished eating some hot dogs and chili we made on the fire. We’re dry inside the shelter listening to rain themed music. I got some Benadryl creme for the welts on my legs and they feel much better. No more itchiness. Gonna be at 800 miles soon. Going to buena vista next. Be in the Shenandoahs soon. Halfway after that. Woo!


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