Wow. What a day. Just hiked 22 miles from Glasgow to Buena Vista. Got a hitch out from a paddler moving to CO. Saw wild ginseng. Carpenter has been looking for it for weeks. Did a 2400 foot climb right off this morning. Killed it. Stopped only once to read a sign and pee. Cloudy today and humid. Beautiful fog pictures. Got to the 800 mile mark, then made the last minute decision to hike two more miles to get to town. That was in the dark and as soon as we got to the road, a car passed and stopped to give us a ride. Fastest hitch ever and in the dark at that! Sandy and Bruce of the natural bridge Appalachian trail maintenance club. Thank you thank you thank you! It would have been over a 10 mile walk to get to where we are now at the Maury campground. I love the AT and all the crazy awesome fun stuff that happens on it. Met cave man, misery, Bert and white Russian today at the last shelter before town. This campground has free hot showers and there is live music playing somewhere from amidst the city of RVs. RV camping. Ha. What a terrific day!


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