Left Maury campground after a hot shower headed to blue dog cafe to pick up carpenters package. A thru hiker picked us up and we weren’t even hitching. Thank you dragonfly! Blue dog was closed so she took us to the food lion so I could resupply. Carpenter called blue dog and left a message. While I was finishing up repackaging my food outside they called back and said to come on over. The owners husband picked us up as we were walking that way. What luck! Then Sue came over to the cafe and made is breakfast even though they are closed Sundays. Wow! Sox other hikers ended up joining us for breakfast. It was delicious. Great coffee. I even got strawberry ice cream. The husband shirked for off us back to the trail and we started hiking around 12:30pm. After making it up the first huge climb, we went to the first shelter and took a nap. That was wonderful. But I had put in less than five miles so around 7pm I started hiking again. I went another five miles and set up camp just as the rain started. I love having a hammock and being able to camp anywhere. Carpenter stayed behind. I would have put in more miles tonight, but my head lamp is dying and I gave my extra batteries to Carpenter last night. I should have gotten them back before I started hiking, but I didn’t think of it until I was .5 miles away. Oh well. Now I’m cozy and dry in my sleeping bag, looking to do some big miles tomorrow. I hope its not still raining when I wake up.


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