Left the brewery and hit the trail by nine. Easy hitch. Left Carpenter sleeping at the brewery. I didn’t feel like hiking though. The morning sucked. I walked slow and stopped a lot. The terrain was rocky and unchanging. I snapped out of it by the afternoon though. I picked up my speed and began to enjoy the sunny weather and flat trail. My goal was 15 miles to the Paul c. Wolfe shelter, when I got there it was only 4:30. Its right in front of a creek and I walked down and took a bath and washed some clothes. Carpenter texted to say he was in Waynesboro and I walked the last few miles into town trying to out run a thunderstorm. That made for a 19 mile day, plus I’m staying in a real hotel room tonight. I was so happy and pumped by the end of the day. Hiker high. Reunited with whistle, grim and little seed too. They are aqua blazing with Carpenter tomorrow. One week canoeing on the Shenandoah river. Should be a blast, so will hiking it.


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