Woke up on a super comfy mattress this morning and got another hot shower. It was wonderful. Then I said good bye to grim, whistle, little seed and Carpenter as they set off to aqua blaze. I then proceeded to visit the post office where I got goodies from home: chocolate coconut peanut butter, oatmeal mixes, chocolate, old WI beef sticks, dried hummus, trail mix and new socks and shorts! Oh, plus these amazingly delicious homemade bars that are like Lara bar uber bars. Fruit and nuts and honey and other deliciousness. Thanks mom! I ate both, even though I meant to save one for later. They were too good! So now I have a super heavy pack again with enough food to get me to Harper’s Ferry probably.

I didn’t get on the trail until after 12. I got a hitch from a retired Dupont engineer, who saw me sitting outside the post office sorting through my stuff. Dupont used to have a big presence in Waynesboro, but it’s closed now and the area is kinda depressed. I hiked kinda slow due to the heavy pack and being friendless, but then I met Fatty and I hiked with her a bit to this here shelter I’m at. In the  Shenandoahs the shelters are called huts.

It started raining and thundering around 2:30, but it didn’t last all that long. I kinda wanted to go on to the next shelter, but that would have put me there pretty late and I’m having a good time with fatty and dragonfly, so I stuck around. I went to sleep pretty late last night so it’ll be nice to get some sleep. I didn’t bother to set up my hammock because I want to get out of here pretty early tomorrow.

People in Waynesboro were really nice. A couple people at the post office were asking about my hike and wishing me safe travels. My mom wrote me a letter in which she asked what I miss most about home. I think I just miss home. The idea of home, a place where I belong and know everyone. I miss Pippin and Tinker and seeing my friends and family and knowing what’s going on. The trail is my home now and that’s fine, but its not the same. People move in and out of my life much more quickly. It’s fun and I’m glad I have others to share this experience with, but it can be overwhelming at times to meet and see so many people all the time.

I’m hoping to get through the Shenandoahs pretty quickly. The weather looks decent. These thunderstorms don’t seem to last long. It’s memorial day weekend coming up, so I think the park will be busy. I’m ready to be out of VA soon. I’m excited to be in some more northern states. I might try to take some time off the trail after Harper’s Ferry, just to mentally refuel. Don’t know yet. Maybe not.

Oh, and people think I talk funny. Fatty is from Calgary. We’re enjoying making fun of each others speech. Fatty isn’t the only one who thinks I talk funny though. Silly non midwesterners. Where’s MN Pete? I miss him. The bubble I was hiking with is still ahead of me. I’m getting closer.

I talked to my dad today and I think he’s going to come out and hike in new Hampshire with me. That would be really great. I hope his boss gives him some decent time off. (Yeah, I’m talking to you dad!)  Well this post is way too long, but that’s cuz I got all my camp chores done so early. Thanks for reading!


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