Beat my personal record and did 26.2 miles today! It was a nice walk over pretty flat terrain. Left at 7 and got to Pinefield Shelter before 6. There’s a cat hanging around this shelter and I just watched a young buck follow it around in the woods a bit. Met Ad Cap today, a sobo section hiker. He’s doing trail magic next week in Maryland about ten miles north of Harper’s Ferry. Don’t know if I’ll make it in time, but it’s good incentive. Gonna put in at least 20 miles tomorrow. Talked to a doe that was grazing right off the trail maybe 15 feet in front of me. Not many views today. I hear all the good views are off of Skyline Drive. We follow alongside this road and cross it several times while in the park. I’m sharing the shelter with Fatty and Dragginfly again tonight. A sobo section hiker named Iceman is tenting here, too. Not the same Iceman I started the trail with. He’s only half a day ahead of me.

There are waysides here that serve food. I want to stop at one and get a blackberry milkshake. Apparently they’re amazing. That’s gonna be a couple days from now. I passed a campsite today. Lots of people out for the weekend holiday. I guess there is only one spot left. There aren’t many off trail non developed campsites in the park. I’m okay with staying at a shelter what with the high bear population here. Haven’t seen one yet although there are many bear sightings reported in the shelter log. Fatty saw one today and three cubs yesterday.

I’m not sleepy although it’s almost 8:30. It being light out later probably has something to do with that. Maybe I’ll push for 32 tomorrow. I probably could have done the extra 8 to the next shelter today, but it’s too late now. I enjoyed the trail very much today although the first few miles were hard. My pack weighed me down, but I’ve chowed down a lot of food today so tomorrow shouldn’t be so bad. The weather was really windy today and not very warm. I wore my wind shirt most of the day. Glad I bought that. It blocks the wind and traps some body heat without being as hot as a rain jacket.

Excited for tomorrow. Another mileage milestone to hit! Can you guess? I left a birthday card inn this shelter for Alex. She turned 21 the other day. Time to try to sleep.


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