Did 20.6 miles to the Bearfence Mountain Hut. It dropped to the low thirties last night. Supposed to be cold again tonight. This is very unusual weather. I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag this morning. I still hit the trail by 7:30, wearing my puffy, hiking with my trekking poles under my arm and my hands in my pockets. Can’t remember the last time I wore my puffy while hiking. March?

I wrote poems while I hiked today, then wrote them in the shelter logs. See below. I get a lot of thinking time on the trail… Maybe too much.

So, the Shennies has weird signage. Concrete posts with metal tabs wrapped around them that have location names and distances stamped on then. You gotta get right up close to the posts and squint to read what they say and there is one about every mile or so. I don’t like them.

I took a break at hightop hut mid morning and ran into iceman, wanderlust, guard and Dutch. It was good to see those guys again. Then I stopped at a picnic area, ran into them again and Pfeiffer! It was really good to see her. Also met Techie. They invited me to hang out at a cabin they rented which is only a mile before this hut and pretty much right off the trail. National park run and right across from the “camp” store which sells a tiny bit of silly camping gear, packages of hot dogs, mayo and beer. I got the beer. Met up with chin music and b rocket and lentil and got trail magic from some guy named Roger rabbit. Deli sandwiches, chips, beverages. Met up with the previous four guys there as well. It was a fun time.


Check out those 900 mile calves! (From left to right: chin music, guard, iceman, Dutch) yeah, that’s right, I hit 900 miles today!!

So after trail magic and hanging out at the cabin, I walked a mile to this hut. Lots of people here. The shelter looks full and several others are camped out. There are two separate fires going. I don’t see any other food bag but mine on the bear pole. Hopefully there are two bear poles? I certainly won’t be mauled if not.

Dragginfly said the cat at last nights shelter slept at his feet, but he wasn’t wearing his glasses so it could have been a skunk he said.

The manager at the camp store had a lot of stories to tell. That’s the Lewis campground store.

The forest smelled really good today. More flowers are blooming and everything looks really green.

It’s a long, long line
To an old, wooden sign
Atop a big, big mountain
And that’s where I’m goin’

In the wet, wet rain
Every step is a strain
And the trail is a-flowin’
But I just keep on goin’

And in the hot, got sun
When I’m having no fun
With my red face a-glowin’
I just keep on goin’

And when I stop to curse
I think “Well it could be worse”
So I keep my smile a-showin’
And I keep on goin’

It’s a long, long line
To an old, wooden sign
Atop a big, big mountain
And that’s where I’m goin’


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