So, 23.6 today. In the afternoon the miles just slipped away. I’m out of SNP now at Tom Floyd Shelter. Started at Pass Mountain Shelter this morning and the morning was rough, but I stopped seven miles in at a wayside and got some hot food and met up with some other hikers. I think that got my morale up. The next six miles flew by. I saw a doe with her fawn and some rabbits. I stopped in at the next shelter for a break and met a south bounder named Dan who just started. He’s doing some sort of flip flop. He’s Italian. The next 10.5 miles were easy. I did it in less than 3.5 hours. Admittedly I was a little sad to leave SNP, another section of my trip over. I wrote a poem on my way to this shelter:

Oh my dear sweet SNP
It wasn’t working out between you and me
With all those darn tourists
You nearly stove me delirious
And the resort and waysides?
You’ve become too commercialized!
You have no great views
Tired to eat up my shoes
I did see a couple bears
And that’s great, thanks! cheers!
I still have to leave
Please try not to grieve
It was fun while it lasted
But West Virginia’s gonna be fantastic!

I saw another bear today.  I think it was a cub. It ran away from me off to the side of the trail. A little bit of rain today but it stopped and I’m dry. I thought I had three pretty easy days to Harper’s Ferry but it turns out not. I left out eight miles. So now I’m trying to figure out how to get there without running out of food or killing myself with big miles. 25, 23, 10 is the plan thus far. Brd time! yay! Oh, all the way is here and the ice man, Dutch, wanderlust, guard crew.


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