18.1 miles today. Stopped in front royal to resupply because when I laid all my food out on the table at breakfast this morning, I only realistically had 1.5 days of food left. Not enough to get to Harper’s Ferry. My waitress at the diner in town was really sweet and I enjoyed my side of scrapple immensely, but it wasn’t like Frank makes it.
Stopped at the Denton shelter to use the solar shower, but no water. Hiking was fun in the middle part of the day. Hiked with Dutch a while, got trail magic after getting dropped back off at the trail head. Oranges, apples, oreos, soda, suckers and more. More trail magic later at another road. A cooler. Only water and bubble gum left. The gum was good.
I talked to my folks today. That was good. I don’t think I’ll catch MN Pete before he leaves Harper’s Ferry. The hiker bubble is slowly coming back together. Don’t know how I feel about that. Carpenter is going to hike the SNP so I don’t know if I’ll see him again. That’s sad.
After talking to my folks I think I need a few days off. Too bad it has to be now when I’m so close to DC and everything is so expensive . I’ll figure it out. Probably gonna stay at the bears den hostel tomorrow night. I haven’t had a real shower in a week. This past week has gone by really fast. I saw a beautiful green moth in the middle of the trail today. It was dead. Too bad. More deer today. Got a hitch from a man who thru hiked in 98. Nice guy. Weather has been dry, but humid. Today was too hot and tomorrow is supposed to be hot too. I’ll have to be careful.


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