Harper’s Ferry. Yep. The big HF. Walked here from bears den hostel some 20 or 21 miles. Had a 1000 mile celebration at a stream.


Then hiked with great legs most of the day. It was hot. Real hot. I sweat a ton. I was glad for a shower at the teahorse hostel here even though I just had one yesterday. It’s kinda surreal to be here. I didn’t go to the ATC yet because they were closed when I got to town, but I’ll go tomorrow and get my picture taken and all that jazz. This town isn’t ideal for hikers. Everything is far away. Glad I’m going to DC tomorrow and not zeroing here. I’m ready to just zone out for a bit. Tomorrow I’m getting a massage. Only one more restless night of sleep. I hope. I have my fingers crossed. I’m exhausted. 20 miles in that kind of heat really takes it out of you.
Had dinner with MN Pete and z man. Steak. I was still hungry though so ate half a large pizza and an ice cream cone that sweet Pete bought me. I’m still not full but I’m too tired to eat. Jimdog and his daughter Kathleen are here.
1019 miles. 1166.9 to go. Guess I’ve got some more hiking ahead of me. I hope it’s pretty. I hope it’s as fun as the first 1000. I’m excited for the northern states. Right now I just need to sleep. Good night readers.


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