Didn’t sleep well last night. Leg hurt and I was coughing a lot. Allergies. So I slept on the hostel couch instead of my bed so I wouldn’t keep anyone up. MN Pete and z man were up early and Laurel made waffles for everyone. I went walked to the ATC and got my picture taken, became a member, got a t shirt and a patch and postcards.

I whiled away the rest of the morning laying on the couch. Laying in the grass outside the Teahorse hostel waiting until my 1:30 massage appointment, I met the Artful Dodger or just Dodger for short.
He’s thru hiked the AT three times and walked coast to coast. He sat here for an hour in an Adirondack chair reminiscing about hiking. It was an exceedingly pleasant conversation. He spoke quietly and fondly of his time on the AT. He’s headed to VT on Monday for two months of hiking side trails and such.
When I started hiking the AT, I had heard of these people who do multiple thru hikes but I couldn’t fathom why. Now that I’m nearly halfway through the trail, I think I get it. Life is incredible as a long distance hiker. You met the most interesting, genuine people. Life at 2-3 mph is so vivid.

My massage felt great. Thanks mom! Probably the best massage I ever had. However, my leg felt worse afterward. Everything just tightened up. I hobbled to the post office and got a package, should have gotten two but they said I only had one. I’m gonna have it out with usps when I get back to Harper’s Ferry. The delivery was confirmed. I hung out laying on the lawn and talking to hikers the rest of the afternoon waiting for Becky to come pick me up and take me to her place in Arlington, VA for the weekend. When she arrived we went put for a bite with great legs, lentil and blazer. Blazer taught me a stretch for my leg. Then Becky was awesome enough to shuttle those guys where they needed to go: gas station, econolodge and other hostel. I laid in the back seat on the drive to Arlington cuz my leg hurt. I met Becky’s super cool roommate Sam and we chatted and laughed until bedtime. Big day. Really worn out.


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